Metal Digital Manufacturing Joint Research Unit (JRU)

Research for industry challenges in Europe and Australia

Passionate technology experts taking innovation to the next level

Eurecat, RMIT University and RMIT Europe join forces to create the Joint Research Unit (JRU) in Digital Metal Manufacturing to address industry challenges in the aerospace, automotive and healthcare sectors in Europe and Australia.

From virtual design to functional additive manufacturing components, the JRU has been established to develop materials, products and technological processes that meet the industry challenges of the manufacturing sector.

Therefore, the JRU becomes the greatest ally to improve efficiency, profits, and support technology transfer at the same time.

Shaping the future of manufacturing

Our value proposition



New concepts, technologies and techniques
 are not fully adopted yet by industry


Technology transfer

The JRU has experience on how to translate this knowledge into the manufacturing environment



Additive manufacturing suppliers

JRU is agnostic from additive manufacturing suppliers



Printing equipment

Access to a broad variety of printing equipment


Metallic alloys

Capability of creating tailored metallic alloys



Circular economy

Strong focus on circular economy and sustainability


A holistic approach

Digital manufacturing requires a holistic and comprehensive approach to address it. While there are some specialists in specific technologies and cooperation networks, there is no single team that brings together all the necessary knowledge and skills.

The industry needs a reliable partner to support and develop new manufacturing needs from the first product conceptualization phase to the first series productions.

The JRU has been established to fill this strategic niche by offering technology services, consultancy and training while generating new business opportunities between Europe and Asia-Pacific.


We adress the challenges of metal digital manufacturing